So how does
WholeSplit work?

Find a Deal

You find a Product that you like offered through a Deal on WholeSplit, and make a pledge to that Deal to purchase it.

Submit a Product

You can also submit a Product that you’d like to buy directly from a manufacturer to our Deal Forum. If approved, we will procure terms from the Manufacturer and launch a Deal for it.

Minimum Order Quantity & Time Period

When a Deal’s MOQ is filled we will place the order directly from the manufactorer, email your receipt and shipping information, have Stripe collect your funds, pay the manufacturer, and have your goods delivered.If a Deal’s MOQ is not met before its time period expires the Deal will be closed, you will not be charged, your pledge will be cancelled, and a notification email will be sent to you. You may pledge toward the same Product if a new Deal is opened for it.

Price Reduction Tiers

If a Deal’s MOQ is met before it’s Time Period ends, additional pledges will open further Price Reduction Tiers until the Maximum Order Quantity (MXOQ) for the Deal is reached or the Deal’s Time Period expires. This means that the Deal unit price get’s dropped for everyone who pledged.

Cancel a Pledge

You can Cancel a Pledge at any time before the Final Five days of a Deal’s time period.

Stripe handles payment

When you pledge to one of our Deals, you authorize our third-party payment processor, Stripe, to charge your credit card once we have fulfilled the Deal’s MOQ and it’s Time Period has expired.When you pledge prior to Deal Fulfillment, Stripe authorizes your payment method but does not take any funds from your account when you pledge to ensure your account has the necessary funds, and to keep your information secure.

BoxC handles logistics

WholeSplit works with BoxC to handle the logistics that go into shipping Products straight to your door!


Don’t forget! Every Product on WholeSplit, unless otherwise mentioned, has at least a one year warranty.