VR Sky Mobile All-In-One Headset
Shenzhen Yanbochuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Comfortable design
Comfortable design
Focal length
Touch control
Optical structures
Panoramic scenes
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Ever wanted to visit the jungle without the pesky insects, or the desert without the harsh sun, or maybe the moon without the spaceship ride? Let’s do it! The Sky Mobile VR headset takes you there from wherever you are. This lightweight headset won't strain your neck and the focal length adaptor gives users with glasses the experience without discomfort. This full HD experience features 360 degree viewing, runs full android 5.1, octa-core processing, with a dedicated VR GPU and 400MHz refresh rate. No need to hook up to a computer or insert a smartphone. Simply access the Android app store and download movies and games! Includes a bluetooth controller and one year warranty!