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This is not a laptop, it’s an Ultrabook!

Light, fast, and featuring an HD screen, the BBEN Ultrabook is less than 1 inch thick and weighs just three pounds. The Ultrabook packs an impressive 256GB solid-state drive with 8GB of RAM, a 5-second boot time, and a 13.3 inch, 1080P screen. No need to ever pack a bigger, heavier laptop again. The BBEN Ultrabook runs Windows 10 and come with a one year warranty. 

Born Idol, but do Warlords.


It was a rainy day in Shenzhen when we were on the way to visit BBEN's offices. Our Uber driver had left us near the building but not exactly there so we spent a good amount of time running in the tropical storm like rains. Our liasion at BBEN, Bruce, was nice enough to come meet us with umbrellas and walk us the block up to the office building. BBEN's offices in Shenzhen are that of the highest quality, their sales teams and US aftermarket tech teams are of the same caliber. When we visited their factory only the most high tech and amazing technologies were presented. From working on cutting edge VR units, tablets, to their amazing ultrabooks. You can trust that BBEN is the brand to go for. While hunting for manufacturers for an amazing ultrabook experience at a fair price, we found other factories with slightly cheaper prices but the quality received at BBEN was unparalled. You can count on them for any product and WholeSplit vouches fully for them as well! Feel free to browse their site and find even more great products that we can bring to you, working with BBEN is always a pleasure!

Products Price Warranty
WholeSplit (BBEN) $553* 12 Month
Amazon (ASUS) (Similar Specs) $699 12 Month Limited
Amazon (ACER) (Similar Specs) $695 12 Month Limited

*WholeSplit price is the average price of all price tiers for product.