Tovsto Uluru Drone

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Shoot stunning aerial photography like a total Pro with the Tovsto Uluru Drone!

The Uluru guarantees smooth professional-quality footage with an HD camera and stabilization gimbal. Take high-altitude or long-sweeping shots with a range of more than 1,000 yards!

Tovsto’s out-of-control-return and return-to-home features mean you won’t have to worry about losing your drone. The controller also features a smartphone holder, which works with the Tovsto app to give you real-time updates on speed, height, battery, GPS, and distance. There’s even a live feed from the camera! Like all Tovsto drones, the Uluru is built tough and includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.


Adam Piano 9 Months ago
this looks neat

TOVSTO was one of the best experiences during our manufacturer run in Shenzhen! Their offices were amazing with fish tanks as you walk in, and just the epicenter of "cool" if you want to label it as something. We were greeted with tea and snacks, and enjoyed the pleasure of talking to Carrie (the rep that we first began talking to) and her boss. Both were very accommodating and loved to the concept of saving money for the consumers and selling their own brand to the people that love it most without the white labeling and upcharges that go with it! We were given a tour of all their facilities including their supply chain, all of it hosted in one building as they were currently growing faster than they ever imagined and were trying to transition into a larger building. The best part? They took us up on the roof and had their test pilot show off his skills as we were in awe of the amazing tricks and durability of their products. Truly a great experience and anything you buy from WholeSplit with the TOVSTO brand is going to rock your expectations and make your pocket happy!

Product Price Warranty
WholeSplit (ULURU Drone) $329.99* 12 Month
Amazon (ULURU Drone) $998.99 N/A

*WholeSplit price is the average of all price tiers.