4 Wheel Electric Skateboard
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Get ready to tear up the neighborhood with this Electric Skateboard. With speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour, that’s 25 kilometers per hour for those of you who like the metric system. With an 18.6 miles range, that’s almost a 30 kilometer range, you’ll be able to ride to your corner store with ease. We’re talking about a skateboard that not only moves forwards, but also backwards and brakes. All through a remote Bluetooth controller. All this powered by an in-wheel motor. We are also including our one year warranty!


Realtime has a beautiful facility right outside Shenzhen primarily providing batteries for Samsung and many other major branded products. Their young and energitic staff decided to expand out and start making awesome mobility products and are success amongst many white labeled brands! You won't be let down by them in anyway and we're sure of it. They provide support based out of LA and are great to work with and we're happy to show you the real Realtime right to your door!

Products Price Warranty
4 Wheel Electric Skateboard (WholeSplit) $242.50* 12 Month
Inboard Technology M1 (Amazon) $1,399.00 N/A
Koowheel Electric Skateboard (Amazon) $569.00 N/A

*WholeSplit prices are the average of all price tiers.