KingSpec M7-256GB SSD
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Forget about hard-drives, solid-state drives, SSD, are the future. What are the advantages to SSD? For starters they are more resistant to physical shock. They also run silently. And finally have lower access time, and lower latency. Come with a five year warranty!


KingSpec was one of the most high tech facilities we went to visit, their engineers were some of the brightest people we met, which is fitting considering many of their clients are major universities all across the world. KingSpec builds some of the highest quality SSD drives, both internal and external out there. Their products are distributed world wide to many high tech centers and businesses. Mainly their B2C business needed help, and that's where we come in! We loved working with them, and we hope you love all the extra room you'll have for pictures, movies and all sorts of fun! 

Products Price Warranty
WholeSplit (KingSpec 256GB) $80* 5 years
Amazon (Shadow Mini 256GB) $129 3 years
Amazon (ADATA SV620H 256GB) $97.99 N/A

*WholeSplit prices are the average of all product price tiers.