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With the classic, two-speaker boombox look, the Leiyon Bluetooth Speaker is aesthetically cool and is packed with powerful 16 watt speakers. Inputs include Bluetooth, AUX, USB and SD card. It has an LCD display clock with two alarms, snooze and sleep function. It features a rechargeable battery that can play music for 2.5 hours. Oh, and it tunes into the radio waves. With a one year warranty, it is guaranteed to give you the most bang for your buck.


Leiyon is a large distributor of many media products from TVs to other great media and home theatre products. They manufacturer products for some of the largest and most well known brands in the world, so it goes without a doubt that their products will be built with the greatest quality available. When we visited their factories, they showed us so much hospitality and took us around their massive plant and showed us just how amazing all of their products are as well as their factory line. You won't be let down by Leiyon, that's a fact!

Products Price Warranty
BX20P (WholeSplit) $75 12 Month
PYLE Street Blaster $103.89 N/A