S202 30W Soundbar
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Sleek, versatile and loud. The Leiyon Soundbar is the accessory for any home-entertainment system. With the ability to connect through AUX, HDMI, and Bluetooth; you can connect with your television, stereo, and even smartphone. This 30 watt speaker is guaranteed to fill your room with sound. It also includes a convenient remote and a one year warranty.


  • SLEEK, SLIM TV SOUNDBAR designed to fulfill your desire for Bigger, Better Sound, sound for the most authentic home theater setup
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS Include: LINE(3.5mm jack line-in cable included), AUX, USB, Bluetooth & Optical for Maximum TV/Computer/Mobile Model Compatibility
  • 3 AUDIO OPTIONS Include Music, Movie, & Dialogue and are Easily Selectable by the Included Remote Controller
  • IMPRESSIVE POWER & TECHNOLOGY Create Theater-Quality Sound, Making This the Perfect TV/Computer/Video/Music Sound Bar
  • Package Contents: 1x Bluetooth Soundbar; 1x Remote Controller; 1x Power Adapter; 1x 3.5mm Jack Line-in Cable; 1x User Manual


Leiyon is a large distributor of many media products from TVs to other great media and home theatre products. They manufacturer products for some of the largest and most well known brands in the world, so it goes without a doubt that their products will be built with the greatest quality available. When we visited their factories, they showed us so much hospitality and took us around their massive plant and showed us just how amazing all of their products are as well as their factory line. You won't be let down by Leiyon, that's a fact!

Product Price Warranty
S202 (WholeSplit) $45 12 Month
Joly Joy (Amazon) $75 -