DIY Kit Mini Delta D130 3D Printer
Shenzhen Sunhokey Electronics Co.
3d printer

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Using a 2D printer is so last decade. Catch up with 3D printing! There is no better time than now with this Whole\Split MEGA DEAL on our DIY 3D printer kit. Get hands-on right from the start by assembling it yourself. Then upload any design via USB or SD card! Plus, this printer includes PLA plastics so you can print right away! Comes with a one year warranty!


Sunhokey is one of the top DIY 3D printer companies out there today! They sell internationally all over the world, and their products come with plenty of helpful guides and videos to put them together. When we met with them in Shenzhen, their offices reminded us of the 1920s gilded age with how many people were running around processing orders and answering phones. Clearly they're on to something great and we're certain that you'll be happy with your 3D printer, as well as all the money you'll save by buying through WholeSplit!

Products Price Warranty
WholeSplit Delta D130 $221.33* 12 Month
Amazon Delta D130 $320 N/A

*WholeSplit prices are the average of all product price tiers.